Sahl Hasheesh, Egypt


Hawaii Resort is designed in an inspiring unique Hawaiian theme & life style. It offers its residents a new different life style for the first time in Egypt. The compound is designed in a Hawaiian wooden design and a tropical Hawaiian landscape of palm trees and gardens with a magnificent mix of golf areas and the sea.

Residents can enjoy our Hawaiian life in the new deluxe-class compound in wonderful Sahl Hasheesh in any of the resorts' units as it consists of unique designed units of total 286.

Hawaii Resort is designed in a unique smart design where all units have a 45 angle terraces that give perfect sea view for most of the units.


Private Beach

The resort's residents will enjoy a free access to a private beach with all beach activities and snack bars.

Swimming Pools 

There are two 2 swimming pools inside the resort, main one for the resort with sub pool for kids. And another pool with infinity direct view over the sea.

Golf Areas 

The residents will enjoy a wide variety of Golf views all over the resort with special 2 Golf courts surrounding the project.


Available for (12 hours) so that parents can drop off their children and enjoy their daily activities.


A highly equipped gym with branded franchise will be available in the resort for the whole family coached by experts.


Housekeeping Services will be available to all units for free once every week.

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