"Live your dream!!!"

Our goal is and remains to make a dream come true for our customers

Your Partner you can trust for your property

Since 2011 we have been licensed  in Cairo in Egypt and have long been passionately active in the Egyptian Real Estate market. 2011 was an exciting year for us in many ways, not only because we discovered our passion for real estate in Egypt.
NOA Real Estate in Cairo & Hurghada is a company, was born from many experiences, but also from a deep and passionate relationship with Egypt. It is most important for us to maintain a trustful and personal relationship with all our clients and business partners.
We work ourselves and constantly for the fulfillment of your dreams of living at the Red Sea. With many colleagues, developers we have created a manageable but reliable network. We are there for our clients long after the signing of the sales contract, we take care of the renovation and protection of your property together with you.
We are pleased that you have found your way to us and are always personally available for you.

NOA Real Estate lives through its proximity to the Red Sea

NOA Real Estate lives from and works in Hurghada, with whom you can discuss everything concerning your dream home in confidence.
We know that many first contacts are made over the Internet, but you and we should have more in common than a message or a WhatsApp message. We would like to advise you personally and appreciate you in order to realize your dream of a home at the Red Sea. Personal and individual.
Real estate is an investment, but the fulfillment of a life's dream is much more..

We would like to thank our customers from the very beginning for their trust and you if you find your way to us. We appreciate this trust and will do everything to meet your expectations. You are always welcome and even if you do not find the right property in our portfolio at first, we are looking forward to working with you to realize your dream of your own property in Egypt.   

"Our team is what a team should be"

Everyone has his or her strengths and we work hand in hand with trust. Loyalty and appreciation within the team is an important part of our corporate philosophy. 

Our corporate culture is an indispensable part of our dealings with you, because together we can reach our goals faster. 

Our real estate agents for the urban area of Hurghada and the entire Red Sea area offer you professional advice on the SALE, RENTAL and SEARCH for real estate of all kinds:

  • Homes at turnkey fixed prices
  • Apartment buildings
  • Single-family houses, semi-detached houses and townhouses
  • Apartments of all kinds

  • Investments, such as a Holiday apartments
  • Land
  • Offices / practices
  • Retail space



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General Manager

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Property Consultant

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Property Consultant

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Senior Property Consultant

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"11 Years of Experience in Egyptian Real Estate Market"

Corporate Identity:  Our corporate bahavior is a living corporate culture and an integral part of our everyday life.

We love what we do and where we are allowed to work. Loyalty, appreciation and a common goal are the basis for our work as a team. Not only do we as a team trust each other, work carefully and focused on the needs of our customers with sales and renting wishes, but we also do this with our suppliers and above all with you... our customer with an interest in buying or selling. Further education, market knowledge and the interests and wishes of our customers have absolute priority. We want to create sustainable added value for every customer who decides to live in Egypt. Thus we lead a uniform media behavior, which is neither political, but rather ethical behavior. With carefully prepared exposès, online offers and promotional measures and fixed operational procedures we ensure the quality of our work. We do not maintain any hidden sales practices but raise a commission which is our merit. This pricing policy is lived consistently and is transparent and understandable for both sellers and buyers. This also includes that you receive all information from us and that we keep our processes transparent. Only in this way can we create trust as a basis and work in your interest in the long term. Our corporate design is reduced to the essentials and expresses a part of our company philosophy. Straightforward, open and to the point. Our writing is an expression of our love for what makes our work unique. The proximity to the Red Sea, Hurghada and Egypt. For us there is no place more beautiful than the habitat "Red Sea". The vastness of the sea and the desert gives us energy. We love working here and are not looking for top performance and profit maximization at the expense of others or even our clients. The passion for our clients and business partners, the country and the people drives us to be respectful and sustainable in our relationships and this applies to everyone who works and lives with and for NOA Real Estate. Our writing is an expression of our love for what makes our work unique.

Why do you need us?

Everybody who wants to realize his dream of a foreign property asks himself the question: Why do I need an estate agent? I have good friends and I can do this on my own...Of course you can and yes there are sales and purchases where this is not a problem.But usually buying a dream property abroad is a vital decision. Exactly here it makes sense to involve a real estate agent to avoid difficulties in the processing, which can have enormous financial and personal negative consequences.We constantly keep an eye on the market development and offer with our legal support a safety zone which is not possible with a private sale or purchase. All information is transparent at all times and we check all contract documents, Taukil and ownership before the money transfer for legality and accuracy.We take our time for your project, your questions and everything that has to be done around your real estate wish. We talk with you about your personal wishes and needs, as well as your financial situation should you wish to finance a property on the Red Sea, before we make proposals. You will receive all information about market prices for your property and we can also justify and argue these. Should problems arise, we are a trustworthy partner and help to find a solution. Especially when it comes to legalizing buildings and property in Egypt, private persons are often overstrained, even if they were born in the country and are trustworthy. We always act in the interest of our clients. For sellers, we are partners in the preparation of the property, exposé preparation, advertisement placement, internet presentation, mailings and social media presentations, but also for buyers in the market-driven pricing, consulting for renovation costs, furnishing and all legal processes in connection with a complete purchase of the property...

"Appreciation, trust and sustainability are the basis of a successful cooperation..."

That's why you can also reach us at the weekend either in person or by phone and via social media