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Our lives are becoming more digital. We navigate with our cell phones, communicate via apps and do our banking business online. That makes a lot faster and easier. We asked ourselves why you shouldn't also benefit from this simplicity when it comes to your property. The result is our online tour, which is convenient for buyers and sellers alike.

"A will is an important document regardless of where you live, whoever you are. But if you are a foreigner owning a property abroad it is essential. I strongly suggest clients have an Egyptian will."

Egypt Tax


Egypt has very few taxes which is one of the strong driving forces behind the high level of foreign investment in the country. In Egypt there is no stamp duty or capital gains tax payable on real estate and, if you are a British resident, you will also avoid inheritance tax on any Egyptian properties that you decide to pass on to your loved ones. ...

A real estate investor wishing to avoid new property and contemplating the purchase of undeveloped land or older, well established resale properties will need to employ a lawyer specializing in real estate law in Egypt to advise on any such purchase to ensure the transaction is conducted legally and that at the end of the property buying process...

The buyer reserves a new (off plan or under construction) property with a reservation deposit (usually between GBP£500-£2,000 ) providing the 'option to purchase' and fixing the sale price from date of reservation.The vendor (seller) releases a private purchase contract (in English & Arabic) and supplies paperwork relating to the title, boundaries,...