You have decided to make a dream come true and are looking for a home on the Red Sea. Perhaps you have already made the experience that the search for your new or the very special property at the Red Sea can be tedious and very time-consuming. Researching offers from private sellers, broker offers and corresponding with different agents takes a lot of time without really bringing the actual desired success? This is very often the case and is due to the mass of offers and the fact that often the most important and basic parameters for the purchase decision for a property are missing.
Perhaps you have also made the experience that it is difficult to acquire sound knowledge of the local real estate market in Egypt. "Black sheep" also make it difficult to keep track of what reputable offers there are on the current real estate market. In addition, one should not forget that the search for the dream property takes place in, in this respect, completely new and foreign place.
In this case we would be an optimal support for you to make your dream come true and a chance to access a team of experts and profound operational market knowledge. Take advantage of our network of leading real estate companies on the Red Sea and also in the off market sector, which requires discreet sales. Properties that you will not even find on the real estate market accessible to all. We create your personal search profile offline and in a personal conversation through our consulting office in Hurghada or online and you save a lot of time and effort, as well as unnecessary travel.
Our "Mandate for Qualified Buyers" is focused on providing very individual support to very demanding potential clients. In the first place, our "VIP Managers" represent your interests as a buyer exclusively and within the framework of an official mandate as a neutral consultant and real estate expert in the Red Sea. In doing so, we cooperate with many renowned brokerage companies and developers in the Red Sea region to guide you to your goal in a stress-free, comfortable and efficient way.
The "Mandate for Qualified Buyers" includes the following services:

  • The preparation of a detailed search and requirements profile according to your personal needs in a personal meeting or online meeting (in Arabic/ German/ English and Russian languages).
  • We analyze your previous efforts to avoid overlap with our efforts and substantiate your personal vision of your future property.
  • We start researching current "off market" and publicly offered properties that you are not yet aware of, also in cooperation with colleagues.
  • Preparation and accompaniment of efficient viewing tours.
  • Upon request, we offer centered communication, negotiation and representation of your interests in dealing with the parties involved (brokerage firms, agents, developers or private sellers).
  • Discreet legal review of property documents and assistance with planning around your desired property.
  • If desired, a time limit for the buyer mandate
  • Regular contact with your "VIP Manager". You always have a "hot line" to your NOA Real Estate agents.

We are happy to support you. However, the personal service, when you entrust us with the mandate, is extremely labor- and time-intensive and causes corresponding operating costs. We spend a lot of time searching the market for you and making a suitable pre-selection of properties. Often we visit the properties in advance, so that we know that they meet your requirements and that your desired parameters are fulfilled.

We therefore ask for your understanding that this personal service can only be offered against a reasonable consulting fee and is subject to the following conditions:

  • The "Mandate for Qualified Buyers" should have at least a duration of 3 months, 6 months or indefinitely to successfully approach the goal.
  • Consultancy fee and basic research one-time 150,-€ when mandate is granted.
  • After successful completion of the purchase under the mandate, we receive 2,5% consulting fee from the purchase price of the property.

Other Services


You will receive exclusive support for exclusively discreetly marketed properties that are not accesible to the public.


Premium property on the Red Sea. As a seller, your highest priority is discretion and our professionalism? Take advantage of our VIP service.