"Green contract" for property in Hurghada


"Green Contract" - a document that completes the state registration of ownership of property in Egypt.   Green contract is the Egyptian version of "Evidence of ownership of real estate." The form, content and procedure for issuing "Certificates of property rights ..." is determined by the Law of Egypt No. 114 of 1964 (the Law on the accession of real property to private property rights). By color (green) of stamps of approvals from various instances, foreign buyers of Egyptian real estate among themselves began to call this document Green Contract. Evidence of ownership of real estate confirms that the purchased property and its new owner are included in the unified state register of real estate in Egypt. 

"Green Contract" is issued in two cities of Cairo or Kena. The document must pass 7 instances. To design it, the house must be built and have at least walls and doors. The execution of a "Green Contract" is possible only with the presence of a "Green Contract" from the developer in turn. On the building itself or on the land where it was erected.

How to get a green contract for real estate in Hurghada?

The procedure for obtaining a "Certificate of Ownership of Immovable Property" is determined by the Law of Egypt No. 114 of 1964 (the Law on the accession of private property rights to immovable property). This document determines the procedure for obtaining this certificate, its form and content, and also indicates the instance of approval.

For owners of Egyptian real estate who are foreign nationals, the specifics of this procedure are specified in the following legal documents:

  • Law No. 230 (1996) "On the rights of foreign citizens to acquire real estate in the territory of Egypt";
  • Decree of the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 548 of 2005, "Procedure for the Acquisition of Real Estate and Obtaining a Residence Permit by Foreign Citizens (Not Egyptians)";
  • Decision of the Minister of Egypt for Tourism number 113 from 1981 - for objects in the territory of Hurghada ("Al-Garda");
  • Decision of the Minister of Arab Republic of Egypt on Tourism No. 175 of 1982 - for objects in the territory of the governorate of the Red Sea (Al-Bahr Al-Ahmar);
  • Decision of the Minister of Egypt on Tourism No. 105 of 1986 for objects on the Mediterranean coast (Al-Bahr Al-Abyad).

Necessary conditions for obtaining a "Certificate of Ownership of Immovable Property" ("Green Contract"):

Firstly, the land plot on which the building of an apartment building or villa was built, a mansion, must be registered by the owner with state bodies, i.e. have a corresponding certificate of ownership of real estate, the object of which is accordingly the land.

Secondly, the construction of the facility must be completed, and the facility itself must pass a state acceptance at the technical supervision authority.

The owner of the purchased property for registration of the "Certificate of Title to Immovable Property" must prepare the originals and copies of the following documents:

  • Technical passport for the property. It turns out in the department of technical supervision in the Hurghada City Council (Maglis Madina). An application is submitted to the department, the department's employees measure the premises, buildings, walls, etc., make up the real estate scheme, check the compliance with the established technical standards and construction rules. Based on this, a technical passport of the property is made and issued. The cost is determined by state tariffs;
  • The contract of sale of the property, registered in court. Registration is carried out in the city court of Hurghada;
  • Taukil (General Power of Attorney for the ownership of the property) from the Seller, as well as all the taukili of the entire sales chain, if there were several. Notary office of Hurghada;
  • Tax return and certificate from the tax authority on tax registration and the commercial value of the object - Tax Service of Hurghada, through a lawyer;
  • The contract with the electric company and the city water supply is not necessary, but it will not be superfluous, since they are an additional confirmation of the property rights of the property;
  • The power of attorney of the owner of the property, issued to a lawyer for the right to represent his interests in state supervisory and registration authorities.
  • A copy of a valid passport.

After the documents are collected, they must be sent by registered mail with notification to the Egyptian Ministry of Justice, Department for Registration of Property of Foreign Citizens. In addition to notarized copies of documents, a registered letter and an inventory of documents must be enclosed in a registered letter. This procedure is best done through a lawyer or law firm, since all documents are written in Arabic.

At the Ministry of Justice, the documents submitted are subject to approval (confirmation) in various interested and controlling agencies (seven instances).

The procedure for obtaining a "certificate .." is not strictly regulated, it can take from several months to a year.

The cost of the procedure for obtaining a "Certificate of Ownership of Immovable Property" (Green Contract) is the sum of the cost of registration fees plus the cost of a lawyer.