How to buy property in Hurghada?


Preliminary selection of real estate.
Before the trip you will get acquainted with the proposals of objects that are suitable for you by parameters. At this stage, it is important to determine the budget of the planned purchase, a sufficient number of bedrooms, an area, distance to the sea, and most importantly - in order to acquire the property: do you plan only rest (long or short-term), or permanent residence.

A trip to Egypt and the final selection of the object.
Obligatory and the main stage is a trip to Egypt for review and final selection of the object. When you choose one of the options, you must remove the item from sale and reserve it behind you. At the same time, the agency preliminarily checks with the help of lawyers the "legal purity" of the transaction, checks the ownership of the property, and all documents relating to this property, such as land documents (these could be contracts for the purchase of a plot of land and the Green Contract for this plot land), building documents (license for the construction of a certain type of real estate on this plot of land). 

Payment of real estate and registration of property rights.
Payment can be made in the following ways: 

  • bank transfer to the seller's account with the details specified in the contract;
  • cash withdrawn from a bank card, cash checks issued or brought with them (no more than $ 10,000 can be imported, declaring them to a customs authority when leaving Russia).
    After full payment of the property and the conclusion of the final Sale and Purchase Agreement, the owner will issue you Taukil (in Arabic). Taukil (power of attorney) is certified by the notary public office (Shara A Kari). (The revocation of Taukil on the transfer of ownership can be made only with the consent of both the seller and the buyer, with their personal presence at the notary, in accordance with the laws of Egypt).

Thus, after full payment of the property, registration of ownership is carried out through 2 documents:

  • Contract of sale
  • Taukil
    The process of registration takes 1-2 days.

Registration of property rights
Further, the lawyers of our company by your power of attorney and at your discretion:

  • Register property in the court of Hurghada, takes 2-4 months. The owner eventually receives a court verdict confirming the right of signature of the seller and a registered sale and purchase agreement with court signatures, seals and stamps.